BAUFIX TILE ADHESIVE 25KILOS – Pick-up Pangasinan Area only

BAUFIX TILE ADHESIVE 25KILOS – Pick-up Pangasinan Area only


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Baufix tile adhesive is an economical dry-set adhesive mortar specifically designed for installing natural ceramic tiles or stone slabs on floors. This special blend of portland cement, carefully selected fillers and chemical additives result in a mortar with excellent bonding and workability.


  • Suitable for large format tiles.
  • Prevents cracks and bonding failure.
  • High adhesive tensile strength.
  • Good workability due to long pot life and open time.
  • Applicable in interior and exterior areas.
  • Easy installation


  1. For installations of semi-vitreous and non-vitreous ceramic tiles, as well as marble, granite and natural stones.
  2. For use over concrete surfaces only, do not apply on other substrates like plywood, gypsum boards etc.

Do not apply on substrates other than concrete (such as plywood, particle or chipboard, fiber cement boards, gypsum boards, etc.). Do not use in areas where tiles will be fully immersed in water, such as swimming pools. Use ABC TILE ADHESIVE and ABC REDIFIX for heavy duty tile fixing on granolithic, marble, existing tiles, plywood, gypsum board and other non- concrete substrates.

The substrate must be fully cured (wood floated or light broom finished concrete), structurally sound and level, clean and free from dirt, loose material, oils and other contaminants.

Pour a sufficient amount of Baufix tile adhesive into a plastic pail containing clean tap water. A 25kg bag of Baufix tile adhesive will need approx. 8L of water.
CAUTION: Use only a plastic pail or a galvanized iron sheet as mixing base. Never use absorptive material such as plywood, concrete floor, gypsum board etc. Stir with a mixing device or by hand. Wait 10 minutes and remix briefly. The Baufix tile adhesive is now ready for use. This mixture will be usable for 3 hours.


  1. Wet the substrate lightly before applying Baufix tile adhesive, especially during hot or windy conditions.
  2. Spread the adhesive mortar over an area of 1m2 at a time using a 6mm x 6mm x 10 mm notched trowels. Fix the tiles immediately within the adhesive open time of 15 minutes.
  3. Adjust and align accordingly. Carry out random checks every 5m2 to determine whether the back of the tile is fully covered with adhesive. Also check if the adhesive mortar still adheres to your fingers. If not, remove the adhesive layer and throw away. Do not mix with newly prepared batch of tile adhesive mortar.


  1. Use only a clean plastic pail or a galvanized iron sheet and other non-absorptive material as mixing base.
  2. Use only clean water. Do not use saline water.
  3. Do not mix newly prepared tile adhesive with an old mix to extend pot life.
  4. Dampen substrates lightly before applying and spreading adhesive (especially during hot or windy conditions).
  5. Do not dump the whole mix of Baufix tile adhesive on the floor. Let the mix remain inside the pail and apply on area of 1 – 2m2 at a time.
  6. Observe the 15 minutes open time of the adhesive to ensure that tiles are not laid on material that has lost its adhesive power.

Non-toxic. However as with any cementitious material, avoid prolonged skin contact.

Store in a cool dry place. When stored as directed, Baufix will remain usable for a period of 12 months from date of manufacture.

25kg self-sealing multi-ply paper bag with polyethylene plastic liner.

Remove excess mortar on tile faces and on tools using clean water.

Dependent on substrate conditions, a 25kg bag of Baufix tile adhesive shall cover approx. 5 – 7m2.


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