• Seal Tape Inc. Malaysian (TOMBO®) PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Thread Sealing Tapes

    ORIG TOMBO TEFLON PRICE 1/2 @ 14.50 pc. (UC.EX)

    ORIG TOMBO TEFLON  PRICE 3/4 @ 22.00 per pc. (NX.EX)

    Orig tombo teflon 1″ @ 29.50 (NO.EX)


    price as of march 12, 2020

    pick-up area binondo or pangasinan

    always text us for stock availability!

    price changes without prior notice!

    tombo teflon for sale philippines

    tombo teflon for sale philippines

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    tombo teflon tape – and ge. services is a leading importer of tombo teflon tape from Philippines.



  • no available stock.

    pre order only..

    2 to 3days waiting time

    pikup location is pangasinan or sta cruz manila

    forsale brush cutter philippines

  • Electric Boxes and Enclosures, pvc 4×4 junction boxes with pvc sockets


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