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    Galvanize Pipe Philippines Price

    G.i Pipe Pricelist Pangasinan

    updated price as of  March 2018 (price changes without prior notice)

    locally made brand not imported (gawa sa pinas)


    Galvanize Pipe 1/2 s20 – 250.00 per pc. KNS Brand
    Galvanize Pipe 1/2 s40 – 355.00 per pc. Eagle Brand

    gi pipe 3/4 s20 – 312.00 per pc. KNS brand
    gi pipe 3/4 s40 – 463.00 per pc. Eagle Brand


    Galvanize Pipe 1″ x 20 feet @ 448.80 per pc. KNS brand

    Galvanize Pipe 1″ x 20feet @ 672.75 per pc. Eagle Brand


    Galvanize Pipe 1-1/4 s20 – 618.00 KNS brand
    Galvanize Pipe 1-1/4 s40 – 997.50 per pc. Eagle Brand

    gi pipe 1-1/2 s20 – 767.00
    gi pipe 1-1/2 s40 – 1,078.00


    gi pipe 2 s20 – 1,059.50 PER PC.
    gi pipe 2 s40 – 1,466.50

    gi pipe 2-1/2 s20 – 1,625.00
    gi pipe 2-1/2 s40 – 1,918.00
    gi pipe 3 s20 – 1,969.50
    gi pipe 3 s40 – 2,307.50
    gi pipe 4 s20 – 2,808.00
    gi pipe 4 s40 –  3,675.00


    Hi please make reading a habit

    All prices and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
    Always inquire for stock availability. This is important.
    Some items are order basis from the supplier.
    full payment is required for order basis and/or reservation
    PRE-ORDER: These are item/s that are not available (3 to 7days waiting time)
    full payment is required & should be made via Metrobank Or BDO Bank account
    For customers who expect immediate delivery of pre-order items and cannot conform with the pre-order timeline.
    we highly recommend NOT TO PLACE ORDER to avoid frustration and misunderstanding in the future.
    We would greatly appreciate your kind understanding and consideration in the timeline arrival of the item to us.
    Prices may change without prior notice (due to price increase of our suppliers)
    Images posted are for reference only. Actual product may vary.
    Price changes without prior notice

    GI Pipes are available in round and square shape with a series of different diameter and wall thickness. IIL GI Pipes are primarily used in transmission of water, oil, natural gas and other fluids. GI Pipes are used in a variety of different locations.



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